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"To have a better world, we must first have a world of better men." - Herb Scobie.

About Us

What is Triangle Fraternity?

Purpose of Triangle

Triangle brothers are engineers, architects, and scientists who hold themselves to high moral standards and strive to build a better world for tomorrow.Our purpose is to develop balanced men who cultivate high moral character, foster lifelong friendships and lead lives of integrity. We offer countless leadership opportunities, avenues for community service, scholarships and much, much more.

Our Chapter

LThe Pittsburgh Chapter of Triangle was initially founded in April of 1970. Since then it has had an extensive record of involvement with the Swanson School of Engineering. We here at the Pittsburgh chapter of Triangle represent a multitude of STEM majors both in Engineering and the Sciences. Triangle is the only NIC fraternity to limit its membership to only STEM majors.

About Triangle

Triangle Fraternity was founded in 1906 by sixteen engineers at the University of Illinois. From the start, it was meant to be a place where men of similar majors could socialize, support each other’s academic pursuits and better prepare themselves for successful careers. Since that time, our membership has grown and expanded to include mathematics and the physical sciences as well as architecture, making us STEM long before the term was coined in 2001. Today, we continue to provide a unique social, academic and professional experience for STEM majors.

Contact Detail

President - president@pitt-triangle.com

Vice President of New Member Education - vp.newmember@pitt-triangle.com

Vice President of Recruitment - vp.membership@pitt-triangle.com